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Plastic Surgery Saginaw

A Personal Statement From Arno Weiss, Jr. M.D.

My goal as a plastic surgeon is to really understand the needs and expectations of my patients, offer the advantages of my more than thirty years of experience and extensive and constantly updated training in the latest advances and techniques, and combine those factors to provide the finest surgical results possible.  I am board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and I specialize in a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery services.  I believe in making cosmetic surgery an affordable and obtainable option for patients of all income levels, and this belief is reflected in my competitive rates.

As a complementary, no charge service our skin care technician can design a personalized, individual skin care program to address problems that are too minimal or too early for surgical intervention.  Or, used in conjuction with surgery, our after-care skin care regimens help to prolong and maintain surgical results.

My caring and knowledgeable nursing staff provides comprehensive presurgical education and is there to offer clinical and emotional support from the beginning to the end of the surgical process.

Whatever your reasons for considering our services, your privacy, comfort, and satisfaction will always be our primary concern.

Patient Testimonials

“In 1994, i was in college and had desperately needed breast reduction, performed by Dr. Weiss. 20+ years later, and I still receive compliments on the surgery results, as well as the lack of significant scarring when I do share my surgical experience. Had I not had the surgery, and had the doctor not don such an amazing job, I truly do not think I would have had the quality of life that I have had. I am a nurse, a firefighter, and I still feel as good about myself as I did right after the surgery. I just wanted to tell Dr. Weiss thank you for changing my life, and for giving me freedom from pain, discomfort, and physically debilitating issues I suffered from before my surgery. I’m over 40 now, and my breasts still look almost as good as they did after surgery. I apologize if this was not the forum for this, but I wanted to express my gratitude.

Thank you Dr. Weiss”

— Jen

Plastic Surgery Saginaw